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Evening primrose oil


This delicate, yellow flower gives us a very precious oil. The oil comes from the seeds of the plant. This oil has been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes, among them:   Continues below...    



Relieve pre menstrual syndrome.
Alleviate rheumatoid arthritis pain
Lower blood pressure
Reduce cholesterol
Help to improve skin conditions such as eczema and others

Why is it good?
This oil is rich on gamma linolenic acid (GLA) also called omega-6, an essential fatty acid. There have been many studies demonstrating the benefits of this acid and of primrose oil in particular.  

Evening primrose for pre menstrual syndrome 
Evening primrose oil can help you improve mood swings, irritability, cramps and inflammation, and swelling in the breast and tummy. Follow the package instructions to use it.

Evening Primrose and your skin
This oil can help your body deal with inflammation. For this reason, it is good for many skin conditions. It can be taken internally in pills or applied to the skin. Many skin care creams and high quality body oils contain it. In aromatherapy, it is used as a carrier oil mixed with other oils. 

How to take it?
As with all oils, cold press is better, and usually it is indicated on the package.

It is a supplement, so there are no strict specifications on how much to take, but some natural practitioners recommend 500 mg twice a day. Some practitioners recommend slightly higher doses.

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