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eDiets.  What can this program do for you? 





eDiets.com was the original online diet. eDiets is probably the biggest website for dieters. They have many options and this is probably the most important characteristic of this online diet service. 

You can follow among others: Dr. Perricone diet, Shape Up with Dr. Phil, Atkins, The Zone, Blood Type and the original eDiets that offers you enormous customization options. 



In the eDiet program you can customize your diet to low calorie diet, low carb, low fat, vegetarian etc. You can select the number of calories you want, you can then customize your plan and you can keep changing it or simply follow one of their standard plans. You have choices and you can keep modifying to get into a program you really like. 

They also offer support and advice. You can select recipes and print your own shopping list. They have language choices as well and if you want to follow, let’s say, eDiets in Spain, it will be in Spanish. 

In our opinion, overall it is a good service. Online this diet cost $5 a week and it has quarterly charges. In the beginning, you can cancel and get your money back. After that if you decide to abandon the system, you will not get a refund.

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