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Customize personalized diets online 





Many nutritionists even outside the USA are offering personalized diets. While most of them maybe professional some certainly will not be. If you decide to follow this option do it with precaution specially if your nutritionist is outside the US.

Usually these are professionals who are extending their practice through the Internet.  They offer advice and they will review your eating habits, current weight and general health to recommend a specific program design "for you". 



Few of them will give you the system and safety of a bigger service such as eDiets, but they may give you more personal advice. Compared to paying for your nutritionist this is, generally speaking, cheaper, but if your insurance pays, you may want to go to a local professional. 

This is a good choice for people who have unique eating habits or who are vegetarians or vegans and want to eat healthy. These diets can offer more options and you are talking to a human being. 

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