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Diet myths that keep you from losing weight--

This short article that will try to clear up some of the myths prevalent in the weight loss industry that keep us away form reaching our healthy weight:     


"My diet is the best." Imagine the following: 66% of the adults living in the United States are overweight. What will happen to the diet industry if 90% of these people become skinny? Obviously their business will suffer big losses. 

There are many conflicts of interest when it comes to the weight loss industry. It is in their best interest that you and I keep losing weight and gaining it back. 

We are not saying that they are trying to make us fat, but business is better if people are gaining and losing weight so that you are always on a diet or some exercise program or whatever other new solution they have for that perfect body.     


  "My diet saved me." From what? How many celebrities have books and big businesses based on the diet that saved them? Very many. Most of these diets, as someone else said on the Internet, "make something simple very difficult." To lose weight, plain and simple, we have to consumer fewer calories than we burn. It is that simple. A lot of the celebrities' diets are based on combining food groups, complex rules, and extremes. Examples of this are Marilu Henner and Suzanne Summers. Other diets are innovative, but extreme and questionable. An example is Carol Alt and her raw diet. She looks great, but did she ever look bad? No, she always has been beautiful and extremely skinny. 

  "Avoid food groups." In the Atkins diet, carbs are out. In a low fat diet, of course, you must avoid fats. What the doctors say, though is that you need all food groups in balance. To eat unhealthy carbs or fats is not only going to make us fat, but sick as well. You do not have to avoid the whole group; you simply have to eat in moderation and pick healthy options in each group. People who follow the Atkins diet do not consume enough fiber, so they often suffer from constipation.

  Eliminate fat.  Some types of fats do make us sick. It is now known that the worst fats are hydrogenated fats such as butter substitutes, margarine, vegetable shortenings, and many processed oils. One oil in this category that was thought to be good is canola oil, but now it is known that it is a highly processed oil. That may not be good for you. The best sources of good fats are cold press natural oils, fish oils, raw nuts, avocado, and flaxseed oil. Your body needs about 50 grams of fat daily. Some butter, especially clarified butter, is also good for your skin. 

Die due to hunger and be a martyr  
A healthy diet will keep you satisfied and it will keep your cravings under control. If you go hungry, you are more likely to abandon the diet. Also, if you eat at regular intervals, you will control your blood's sugar level better and you will not suffer from hunger attacks. 

If we in the USA are getting fat, it is because we have developed bad eating habits and are not doing enough physical exercise. Changing bad habits is not easy, but it is not impossible either. There is no one diet that works for everybody. If you are serious about keeping you and your family or future family healthy, it is worthwhile to invest time in learning about nutrition, fitness, how to cook healthy, what to eat, and how to avoid hunger attacks. 


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