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Detox yourself
 What is it? Should you do it?

You may have read that famous celebrities go to de-toxification ("detox" in short) centers. We are not referring to detox from drugs, on the other hand, we are talking of detox diets and systems that are so popular right now.  Continues below  


The people who believe in these diets think they help the body in many ways:
Give you energy
Accelerate the metabolism 
Cure or improve certain illnesses
Clear your skin
Alleviate depression and other emotional conditions
Help you to feel better in general 

What is detox?

The main idea behind detoxification is to help the body eliminate substances that it may have accumulated over time that are "toxic" to our health. These toxic substances can come from the environment or from the food we ingest. Most of these substances are eliminated by the body in natural course, but as times passes by, not everything goes out as efficiently and the body may need help to strengthen the systems that eliminate toxins. 

The detox diets help mainly the organs that eliminate residues from the body such as: kidneys, liver, colon and intestines, lymphatic system, etc. A detox diet may target all of these organs or some or one of them at a time.

Detox diets and systems have been used for long time in alternative medicines, including Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, the elimination of toxins is very important to have a balanced body and Ayurveda has many techniques for de-toxification. The Mayans and Aztecs also have many of these diets and aids. 

There are many ways to detox your body. The idea is that by eliminating some foods and toxins such as cigarettes (primary and secondary smoke), you are optimizing the way your body works and allowing your body to work properly. 

The detox diets may use laxatives to clean your system or other supplements or aids. Usually a detox diet lasts for one to 15 days depending on the objective, but it can be longer. Some diets are very restrictive, while others are more flexible. Most of them avoid consumption of processed foods, alcohol, fats and meats.

What is difference between detox and fasting?

Fasting is a form of detox. During most detox diets, you take some substances or supplements that may act as laxatives or cleansers. Usually you will eat more and healthier than in a fasting system.   

Continues: Should you follow a Detox diet?


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