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DIY to find the right bra size for you part II




Read first part: Finding the right bra for you
1- Try many bras. Our recommendation is to go to a department store such as Macy's, JC Penney, etc. where you can find a large variety of bras.

Get a few bras to try. For instance, if you find that your band is 34, get 34, 32 and 36 and pick a cup size based on instructions below. The band has to be just a little tight if you hook it to the last hook. 


2- Cup size. Try to estimate your cup size and try both smaller and bigger. Try a few sizes, for example, if you think you are a cup C, try B, D and DD, if possible.  


A- The cups have to give you a lift; the breast ideally has to be at the height of half your upper arm.

B- Your breast also has to fill the cup. Your breasts should not spill out of the bra, nor should there be a big gap between the breast and the cup.

Try many sizes to find one that is perfect for you. 

General recommendations. You will need time and patience for this. You will need to try many bras. Preferably, once you think you got it right, buy only one bra and use it a few times. Only if it feels comfortable, go back and buy more of the same bra. Resist the temptation of buying many bras of the same size and model at the same time, because when you are back home and wear the bra you may not like how it feels even thought it was supposedly the right size. 

Once you find the right bra, you can stick with it for a while, but at least every year you should be measured again. Experts recommend that you should be measure every six months. Any weight gain or loss, pregnancy, menstrual cycles, etc will also affect your bra size.

Try bras on. Always try on the bras. Just like in apparel, not all brands have the same size, and not all styles will fit right even in the right size.  

Read first part: Finding the right bra for you

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