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Natural ways to prevent or treat constipation

Constipation is a common problem especially among people who follow high protein diets or do not even enough fiber.    Continues below...    



There are severe forms of constipation that need medical treatment, but in most cases of infrequent and mild constipation, you can improve the situation very easily yourself. These are some simple tips to have a more regular digestion and alleviate constipation:

Drink water and/or fruit juices. Liquids help alleviate constipation. 

How much water? There are no specific amounts that we can recommend since it varies by body weight and lifestyle, but as a rule of thumb, about 6 glasses or more a day is the general guideline. 

Eat fibers. Do not believe absurd TV commercials that you can easily eat all the fiber you need from vegetables and fruits by taking their pills. The best way to get your fibers is to eat them naturally. Most vegetables are rich in fiber and the same applies for fruits. The FDA guideline of 5 portions a day will help you reduce constipation. Bananas, apples, oranges, leafy veggies and some beans have a lot of fiber.

Prefer whole grains. Whole grains have the husk in them. Because of this they have insoluble fibers that help eliminate constipation.

Eat prunes. Prunes are rich in many nutrients and have a lot of fiber. Many naturopathic doctors think that prune juice may become addictive it, so try to balance you consumption of prunes and prefer prunes to juice.

Be careful with antacids. Some of the popular antacid pills may cause constipation in some people. Even Oprah said once on her program that she stopped taking these pills as a calcium supplement because they caused her constipation.

Herbs and supplements. Some herbs may cause dependency, so be careful not to use this cure too often. Other herbs and spices help improve digestion and have not been shown to have adverse side effects. The ones that we like ginger and dandelion root.

Exercise. Physical activity is important for many reasons and digestion is one of them. It will help to reduce constipation


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