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Like water for chocolate. Chocolate makes you hot

Yes, if you are interested in becoming more romantic  have some chocolate. As many women know, chocolate for them is a great substitute for intimacy with a man. Now scientists have found that there indeed is a link between the two: man and chocolate.  Continues below  



According to Italian researchers, women who eat chocolate regularly had the highest levels of desire and satisfaction from physical intimacy.

"Women who have a daily intake of chocolate showed higher levels of desire than women who did not have this habit," the study found. Dr Andrea Salonia, author of the study - funded by a university, not by the confectionery industry - said women who had a low libido could become more amorous after eating chocolate. "Chocolate is not like a food, it's like a drug," she continues. Women who suffer mood swings as a result of their menstrual cycle may also suffer a dip in their desire. Dr. Salonia believes that eating chocolate may improve their desire.

How to consume chocolate?

It is not the amount that matters; it is the quality. So buy only the highest quality chocolate. The highest the cocoa content, the better the chocolate. The way the cocoa beans are processed is also very important. So do not rush to any chocolate bar; look for dark chocolate.

There are low-calorie versions of chocolates available if you are on a diet. It is better many times to have a little of the real thing than a lot of an imitation.

Have some mole
Chocolate does not always have to be eaten in its sweet form. Many sauces in Mexico and Central America use chocolate to add body and flavor to the food. The most famous of these is probably mole.

Drink it
Chocolate can be used in drinks, and remember the regular cocoa that you get in the shops may not be your best choice. Real hot chocolate made from chocolate is a treat. 

In Mexico and Central America it is mixed with many
ingredients including hot peppers, spices and fruits. In Europe hot chocolate is very sophisticated. Some of chocolate shops are starting to appear in the USA, in New York, we have City Bakery and Mariebelle (created by
Maribel Lieberman, a Honduran). Every big city has these type of shops. 

You can also purchase high-qualilty chocolate online and make your own chocolate at home.


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