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Recovery from pregnancy in Hollywood 

We all have seen how quickly after giving birth Heidi Klum was able to walk the Victoria's Secret fashion show runway. We also saw how Kate Hudson ballooned during pregnancy but in a matter of weeks she became ready for a movie. How do they do it?  Continues below  


Kate Hudson's pregnancy
It has been said that Kate gained as many as 60 pounds during pregnancy. This type of weight gain seems to be on the high side, but certainly she was really big. There are stories that Kate used to eat a whole container of ice cream and became very sensitive and irritable during her pregnancy.

Motivation. Kate had strong motivation to lose weight after her pregnancy and get to her regular shape. She had a movie contract: Raising Helen. To break a contract in Hollywood would have cost her millions besides damaging her acting career. 

Program: Kate has said that she used to workout for 4 hours on the treadmill. This does seem like a lot.  
Nutrition: Kate followed a high protein diet program.
Results: In four months, she had a great figure - just like the one before pregnancy.  

Heidi Klum
Heidi is a beautiful woman. She makes pregnancy look very glamorous and sexy. After pregnancy Heidi worked out with personal trainer David Kirsch. She did strength training and cardiovascular exercise. She ate healthy and she was ready to show her body to the whole world within a matter of a few weeks.

Heidi's program is a more structured program than Kate Hudson's and it is less rigorous. This proves that better technique and expert help works. 

If you do not have 4 hours a day for the treadmill  you can try to get a personal trainer like Heidi did. A personal trainer can better assess your body's needs and accordingly recommend the right exercise program for you. 

In summary, you have the secret of post-pregnancy great figures in Hollywood: workout and healthy eating. Indeed Hollywood stars have the resources to pay for top trainers and nutritionists. They probably also have access to state-of-the-art equipment. But do not forget that they still have to sweat and do the hard work. They are diligent because they cannot afford not to be diligent - after all their careers and lots of money are on the line. So the most important takeaway from the story of Hollywood stars is that you must find a key motivator for you and then do the hard work at your own pace.

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