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Butt Works.  How to have a Perfect butt

Our dearest Jennifer Lopez put the butt in the front light. Although in other cultures, such as in the Latin America or the Middle East, the butt always has been as important as the breast and bigger is better, that was not the case in the USA.     


With Jennifer Lopez that has changed, and we all want a great butt now. Here is how to get it.

Characteristics of a great butt
Size matters. Queen Latifah in the movie "Beauty Shop" asked, "Does my butt look big with this pant?" The answer was "yes." Latifah comments, "Great."  

Large butt. If your butt is larger than you want it to be, you have to see if you need to lose weight. If this is the case, you can not only reduce the size of your butt. You have to lose fat in order to reduce the size of the butt. Working out is very important. You need cardio or aerobic exercise to burn calories and weight training to firm it up and develop the muscles.  Weight training can be done at home or in the gym.         

    Small Butt. If your butt is flat or smaller than you want it, you can make it bigger. That is just what Jessica Simpson did. Because the butt is mostly muscle (gluteus maximum) we can increase its size with exercise and diet. Weight training can definitely deliver a bigger butt. 

Firm. First and foremost a great butt is a firm butt. Small or large - it does matter, but not as much if it is firm. Again, because it is muscle we can make it firmer and keep it firm. The key is exercise and healthy eating. 

Best exercises for the butt:

Everyday easy exercises
Keep it tucked in
Just as the tummy the gluteus can be contracted and released to stimulate the muscles in the area. Contract your butt and release and repeat when you remember. 

Take the steps
Going up and down works the butt muscles, so take the steps, not the elevator. 

Hike or walk on inclined terrain.
Just as climbing the steps, this works the gluteus. 

Butt Routine.  Among the most effective exercises for the butt are: Leg extensions. kicks, lunges, squats and some combination of aerobics and toning exercises.  Learn more about each of theses exercises and how to create your own routine for a perfect butt.       

Contninues: Leg extensions  LungesSquatsAerobics and others
Dressing tips for a perfect butt


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