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Soft and firm skin 

As a baby butt
Many spas are offering butt facials. There are also treatments such as anal bleaching and hair removal to make the private area look good. These are professional treatments done in a few spas and salons. 


However, if all you want is a soft butt, you do not have to go to such extremes. A good exfoliant is all you need. You can make it at home. Read our spa-at-home recipes or buy one in a shop they are convenient and easy to use.      

What about cellulite?
There are many promising treatments, but we do not have a cure yet. There are many creams that temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite. We think they are worth trying, especially the ones with proven ingredients, such as retinol and caffeine. We do not recommend that you spend a lot of money on these creams unless you have great credible recommendations.

Try dry brushing to improve cellulite; it is easy and it has many benefits.

Always apply body lotion or oil after showering to keep your butt looking and feeling great. All of this for a soft butt, but it is not a pain in the butt at all. 

Most spas offer great treatments to exfoliate the skin.   

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