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Aerobics and others for a great butt

This exercise is good for legs, gluteus, and abdomen. 

Lie down on your back, arms to the side, and abdomen tucked in.


With the abdominal muscles and gluteus, elevate your abdomen. Do not use legs or arms. 
Hold the position and go back down.      

Aerobic and butt lift exercise: super power walk
Gunnar Paterson, the stars' trainer, said that he trained Jennifer Lopez with something similar to the following exercise:

This exercise is on a power treadmill. After warm-up reach the speed you usually go at. After this start to increase the inclination of the treadmill one grade at the time until you reach the maximum or until you feel uncomfortable. Then start to descend one grade at the time. It will take about 20 minutes for the whole exercise. This is aerobic and toning exercise. 

Your butt will feel the burn and you will burn a lot of calories. 

Rock climbing
This is great for the butt and for the whole body. The famous Mexican actress and singer Thalia Sodi, Tommy Mottola's wife (former husband of Mariah Carey), practices this activity to keep fit. It is very demanding. 

Step aerobic
Because of the constant up and down movement, this is a great butt workout, and of course, it is an aerobic exercise. 

Helping your butt look great
Use supporting underwear. Body shapers will make your butt look firmer. It is like an instant butt lift.

Good jeans will help your butt. If your butt is big, do not make it look bigger or saggy with long waisted pants or jeans. 

Avoid tapered jeans and pants. They create the illusion of an elongated and deformed butt. If your butt is big, they will make it look bigger. Beside they are not in fashion; they are so 80s.

If your butt is small, look for darker jeans with pockets right on top of the butt. 

Light jeans make us look bigger and they are so last century. 

Look for straight or boot cut jeans. Avoid jeans that do not hug the butt or you will look flat. 

Jeans with Lycra are great for a saggy or smaller butt. They give a butt lift. 

The panties with butt pads make your butt look big, but generally speaking, they look bad. They move and you may get a pad in the wrong place and the pad can be visible with most pants. 

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