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The Beauty and the Brain 
¿Se te olvido?

Our bodies age, we know that. Wrinkles, poor eyesight and loss of memory are some of those symptoms. Our brains also age. Without its incredible performance, we would be literally dead.  Continues below  



In our youth, because the brain works 24 X 7 X 365 and basically does not require any intervention from us, we rarely pay attention to it. With makeup, fashion, weight, diet, novellas, and boyfriend on her mind, it is not easy for a Latina to think about her brain.  

At least one can listen to the heartbeat; but the brain - we don't even realize sometimes that it is there. But you have to take as much care of the brain as you would of your face or hands or any other part of the body.

Here are some tips to keep your memory and brain healthy for a long time:

Food: Brain loves to feed on some good stuff, like amino and fatty acids. See if you can eat foods rich in them, for instance, leafy vegetables, fish (particularly salmon), and nuts. If you can find some good supplements containing Omega 3 fatty acids, try to include them in your diet.

Drink: No, we are not talking alcohol. Water is great. As much as you can. In fact, you should keep the consumption of alcohol to a minimal level.

Exercise: Now brain does not get any real exercise when you actually exercise but when you do, blood flows faster in your body and you breathe harder taking in more oxygen and eliminating waste. That is good for the brain and its capacity for memory. 

Clean lifestyle: Stay away from polluted areas since smoke is bad for you. And also stay away from all the bad stuff like drugs and smoking. Definitely not a great way to keep your memory sharp.

Attitude and spirit: Stay happy and relaxed, no matter what. The more you try to stress yourself out the more you destroy your brain and that means loss of brain cells and memory.

Challenge the brain: Since brain has more processing power than even the fastest computer on the planet, it hates to sit idle (though we hear that it likes short spells of relaxation music or naps). In other words, use it. Crossword puzzles are great, particularly if you are cramped in a tiny seat on a plane. Video games are great to push the brain and test its limits. In any case, keep learning new stuff, even if it is just to fall down a million times on a ski slope. Just don't injure the brain; legs are fine!

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