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Natural Remedies for Athlete's Foot

Turmeric powder or oil
Turmeric oil or turmeric powder is widely used to combat athlete's foot and other bacteria and fungi on the feet.
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You can use powder or oil. When used in powder form, it is mixed half and half with vegetable oil and apply it on the feet, leaving it for 10 minutes. If you are using oil just apply it; it does not need mixing. Repeat twice a day until the itch disappears.

You can use any vinegar mixed half and half (50%) with water. Apply with a cotton swab twice a day and leave until dry, then it can be removed with a cotton or gauze and water.

Tea tree oil
You can apply pure essential oil in the affected areas or diluted in vegetable oil 75%, i.e. 3 parts essential oil and one vegetable oil. It is applied twice a day and left in place. Few people are allergic to this oil, but there can be allergies, so test in a small area first.

Oregano essential oil
It uses a mixture of 50% essential oil and vegetable oil and follow the recommendations of tea tree oil abobe.

Good Bacteria
It is believed that eating good bacteria, like yogurt, helps the body to better resist and fight the fungi growth on the skin.

It is important to avoid contamination and wash hands after touching the affected areas.

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Written by: Lorena Chinchilla

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