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Aromatherapy for depression 




In aromatherapy it is believed that the sense of smell is very powerful and directly connected to our brain, and therefore, to the hormonal activity in the body. Based on this logic, we can balance our hormones using essential oils.

Although aromatherapy cannot fix the root of the emotional problem, it can help give you a boost. Aromatherapy can help you relax, be energized, and create a feeling of well being. 


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If you suffer from minor depression, you need to find why you are feeling like that and deal with the issues, but while you do that, you can get some relief using essential oils.     


You can use essential oils by burning them. For this you will need to buy an essential oil burner. While inexpensive burners are available everywhere it is best to buy a pretty burner so that it also becomes an item of decoration in your room. Many online shops have excellent choices. You will use the burner to burn a few drops of essential oils and let it fill the area and then turn it off. 

You may also add a few drops of essential oil to toiletries, such as body lotion and soap. You can either buy the products with an essential oil or buy neutral or fragrance-free products and then add your own oils.

What oils to use to treat minor depression or as a complement to other depression treatments?

Bergamot. This citrus plant from Italy has stimulating anti-depression properties. It has a pleasant, sweet, and fruity smell, but not too sweet or overpowering.

Rose. This is one of the most expensive essential oils in the market, but its fragrance is so pleasant that it is worth it even if you buy it diluted in other oils. Aromatherapists believe that rose gives a sense of security and happiness.

Rosewood. This oil is indicated to treat stress, nervousness, anxiety, and sadness. It has a pleasant, sweet, and woody fragrance.

Sandalwood. This is an essential oil used in yoga and in temples in many religions. It is indicated to treat anxiety, nervousness, and depression.

Orange, tangerine, mandarin, lemon and lime. All these citric smells help in cases of sadness, irritability, lack of energy, and depression. They are some of the lower priced oils.  

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