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Acne Treatments

Thanks goodness there are many treatments to eliminate or control acne. To select the best treatment it is best to take into account the type of acne you have.  Continues below  



Acne can be severe, moderate and light. This is a simplification, but it is useful to select the best treatment.   

Treatments for light acne
This is mostly a few blackheads or pimples once in a while or around the time of period. In these cases the cosmetic products that you can buy in the drugstores or supermarket are usually good enough to control acne.

It is important to keep the skin clean without drying it. The most widely used and effective products are:

1- Cleansers or toners with salicylic acid
2- Creams or gel with benzoyl peroxide to apply on acne-prone areas
3- Blue light machines, such as the Tria Blue Light for acne and many others.
4- Creams with retinol
5- Creams or tonics with sulfur
6- Chemical peels with: salicylic acid, glycolic, lactic and others.

The cosmetic kits such as Proactive can be effective. The ingredients are very similar in all acne products, so price and brand are not as important as the active ingredients they have. 

Continue: Treatments for moderate acne
Treatments for severe acne



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