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 Diets and Nutrition 

Lipo and Tummy tuck start at the grocery store-

During liposuction and tummy tuck procedures, fat maybe eliminated, but these cosmetic surgery procedures are not a tool to lose weight.   Continues below  


According to renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Speron of Chicago, the person will get better results if first he or she reaches a moderate weight.  Dr. Sam Speron has several tips for starting your weight loss efforts right at the grocery store before heading to the plastic surgeon:

1- One treat at a time. Every time you go to the market, make room for only one-calorie splurge. Pick what you really love to eat.       

2- Do not go grocery-shopping feeling hungry. If you're hungry, you're more tempted to buy high-fat foods.  

Go Slow. Avoid rushing when doing your grocery shopping. You need time to read food labels to make healthier choices.  

Watch out for trans-fats. Review food labels for trans fats. A great way to eat healthy is to simply put back on the shelf any food that contains these artery-clogging, man-made fats. 

Go low fat in ice cream. Purchase low-fat ice cream or frozen yogurt instead of the regular kind. And get a box of individual-size bars instead of a tub to exercise portion control. 

Go low fat in cheese too. The taste and texture of low-fat cheeses have vastly improved over the past few years. Plus, you save about 6 grams of fat a serving.

Prefer baked potato chips. You'll cut your fat intake by as much as 80 %.

Choose healthy frozen meals. Swap regular frozen macaroni and cheese or pizza dinners for their low-fat counterparts. You can find substitutes that taste just as good. Try healthy brands such as Amy's Organic, Lean Cuisine, and Healthy Choice.  

Try fat-free Greek yogurt. The thick texture of Greek yogurt makes it very satisfying, so you feel like you're really indulging. Add fresh fruit like frozen blueberries to sweeten it. The brand Fage Total is available at most grocery stores. 

Only buy bread with fiber. Bread should have three grams of fiber a slice. Look for "whole-wheat flour" listed as the first ingredient. 

Trade ground beef for ground chicken or turkey. Your burgers and tacos will taste just as meaty, but you'll slash the fat in every bite.

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