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 Diets and Nutrition 

Weight loss success stories

Losing weight is a big challenge for all of us. Ideally we could get a magic pill, a magic garment, a fairy grandmother, Harry Potter's magic, etc. to get skinny without effort. But those solutions are at this time out of our reach.   Continues below  


However, as we can see from people like Kristy Allen or Oprah, even Nichole Ritchie, it is possible to shed all those pounds through diet and exercise. These are 2 stories from some Lindísima members that we hope give you some ideas and inspiration:

Bikini ready: While I am not fat I weigh 145 lbs at 5 ft and 7 inches, I still want to lose a few pounds to get bikini ready. I have switched to a low carb diet and I am exercising regularly.         
But what is interesting is that in the beginning I was just happy with 10-15 minutes of running because I would get so tired during that time. Then I read somewhere that fat doesn't burn for first 20 minutes. So I started to go up to 25 minutes and that is when I realized that I could go longer. And then each week I started to increase it by 5 minutes and now I am at 45 minutes each morning on the treadmill. Isn't that great? 

While I used to get tired in 10 minutes, now I can go to 45 and I have eliminated as much as 700 empty calories a day. In other words, if all goes well, I can lose a pound of weight a week (yes, it takes at least 3,500 calories to be eliminated for losing one pound). 

What most people don't realize is that you can't just give up after the first time or the second time; you just have to keep going, because for a lot of people, the fat just doesn't drop off. 

Getting there: I've lost 17 pounds in 9 months, just by eating more healthy food and cutting out snacks. It's really not that hard. Here is what I do:

Drink plenty of water to detox your system.
Cut out sugars.
Drink green tea.
Eat a full breakfast. Oatmeal is great.
Eat dinner before 6 PM and do not snack after that. Just drink water.  

Do you want to share your story or your challenges trying to lose weight? Write to us and share lindisima@lindisima.com 

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