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Key points of Oprah's diet --

Oprah Winfrey lost an amazing amount of weight and she now looks wonderful. At 50, she looks better than she looked at 20. Oprah has shared her experience with her viewers and magazine readers many times. These are the key points of Oprah's weight loss program:  Continues below  


A firm decision 
The first step to lose weight for Oprah was to take the decision to loose weight and get healthy.

She decided this after the doctor told her that she had to lose weight or she could face serious health problems. According to Oprah you need full commitment to loose weight. Oprah has a contract with herself which you can see and download from her website or you can just write down a promise to yourself to get healthy and select a goal . Oprah's contract is a symbol of her commitment to the diet program.         

No white stuff
Oprah calls white stuff all the refined flours, potatoes, and sugar. These are very common ingredients in processed food, especially in breads. However, Oprah is not saying that she does not eat grains; she has said that she does eat whole grains.

No alcohol

Portion control
She has said that she used to eat a whole box of croissants, but now she is more careful with the size of her portions. 

Stop eating after a set time
Oprah does not eat after a certain time. According to Oprah's now famous trainer, Bob Greene, people who eat after dinner most of time do it for emotional reasons not real hunger. 

Water. Drink lots of it 

Other foods
While Oprah has not been totally clear on this but our research shows she eats plenty of veggies and lean proteins. She often eats steamed salmon. She avoids bad fats and has the good ones in moderate amounts. 

Oprah has become very athletic. She had run the Marathon before the weight loss, and even now her routine is very strict and rigorous and includes strength training, cardio, and Pilates. 

Bob Greene created her fitness program and you can buy his books or subscribe to his online service. Bob has a straightforward, no-nonsense program. This program does not include the Pilates routine, which Oprah seems to take in another place. Read more on Bob Greene's online program 

Will this weight loss program work for you?
Probably! It is a common sense program. The key is discipline and motivation. If you find the motivation inside you, you will find the will power.  


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