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 Diets and Nutrition 

6 Weeks to a Hollywood body-

What do you think when you hear the term "Hollywood body?" Long, lean, bony bodies with big boobs?

Well, most of us clearly think "beautiful" when we think of a Hollywood body.  Continues below  

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We also think it takes a small army of people and lots of money to get it, besides good genes.  Because we know that no matter how hard we try, it is not easy to get a body like that. A lot of the personal trainers to the stars have been giving out some of the "secrets" of the stars when it comes to fitness.

One the books sharing these secrets is "6 Weeks to a Hollywood Body" by Steve Zim and Mark Laska. Laska, who is a personal trainer from Hollywood with an impressive celebrity clients list, details a plan to get, yes, a Hollywood body.        

Get a Hollywood body in 6 weeks
1- The program includes both fitness and nutrition. The program has two phases. The first phase of 2 weeks is for initiation with a more rigorous diet and an intense fitness schedule. During the second phase that lasts 4 weeks, the nutrition and fitness programs are tailored to your body type: ectomorph, mesomorph, or endomorph. 

2- According to the author there is something called "spot training," - it is not spot reducing, but training. This means that you can work each part of your body through exercises to create a more balanced and toned body. For example, if your butt needs more volume, you can weight train to develop that muscle, and so on.

3- There are three main body types as described above. Most of us will have one predominant body type but we can have features from the other body types. Each body type has unique features. For example, ectomorph bodies need to put on more muscles, since these are lean, long bodies - the skinny types. Therefore, the workout program has to be tailored for each type. The diet is also adjusted according to the body type.

What we like about this program?
1- The book gives details on exercise programs for each body type and advice on an appropriate diet. The advantage of this program is that it uses simple fitness equipment, such as an exercise ball, or a couple of dumbbells. 

2- The program has dietary guidelines, but it is not a rigorous diet. This means flexibility to adjust it to your taste and lifestyle.

What we do not like?
1- You really have to read the book carefully and take time to make your own menu. 
2- You also have to like a lot of protein in each meal.

This is not necessarily a new approach, but it is a good program overall. The "diet" is relatively healthy and simple to follow. The exercise regimen is also reasonable and if you have even a little bit of motivation and discipline, you may significantly improve how your look.

Diva attitude: As vain as it sounds to have a Hollywood body, it is great motivation for many of us and that is what we need. 

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