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The Sonoma Diet-

If you have not been to Sonoma Valley yet, you may want to go there - it is a beautiful place with wonderful, fresh food and good wines. And now comes the Sonoma Diet, developed by Connie Guttersen. Maybe all the more reason to plan a trip.   Continues below  


The Sonoma diet is balanced and takes a common sense approach to eating. In the book that provides the details of the diet, the author promises that anyone who follows this diet will lose inches from the waist within 10 days. 

We believe that a lot of information in the Sonoma Diet book is relatively old, such as elimination of processed foods and refined flours and sugars. The Sonoma Diet has a lot of similarities with another popular diet, South Beach Diet, but it offers more choices when it comes to carbohydrates.    

It is a good weight loss program if you have been out of the dieting scene for a while. The book has great recipes and generally good advice for a healthier lifestyle, even if you do not follow the whole program.

Some of the complains of this diet is that you have to cook, yes you may need to cook in most diets.  The author suggests to use high quality ingredients and they are more expensive than regular foods, but if you eat at home great food and minimized going out to eat you will end up with a positive balance. 

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