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Monday, April 19, 2010

Decleor Facial

Did you go to the Spa last week for Spa Week? I hope you did. It feels so good to have treatments for $50 at some of the best spas.

I think Spa Week is an opportunity to try expensive spas or special treatments. I wanted to go to the Mandarin Oriental in Boston or Caudalie at the Plaza in Manhattan, but I did not book on time. So I went to a spa I know well: Bella Sante in Boston. Bella Sante is consistently named one of the best spas of Boston and it is one of the most professional spas I have visited.

I have gone in the past to their location in Wellesley, but they did not have openings so I went to their location in Lexington. I had a Decleor facial. I love Decleor. I also love their product’s aroma, which comes from essential oils.

I was concerned, because coming out of winter my skin is a little irritated and as natural as the essential oils can be still they can irritate the skin. Fortunately I had no problems. My esthetician understood my sensitive skin and avoided the exfoliation part. I had a great facial.

The spa at Lexington was good, but the facilities were not as good as the ones in their Wellesley location. I invited my husband for a massage and he tells me that the locker room
for men was pitiable. It did not have steam rooms and the locker size was appropriate only to fit the wallet and a few other things. And the area is so tiny that basically only one guest can be there at a time. I guess they do not expect many men in this spa. He liked the massage, but it was a bit noisy due to a child crying and he is used to better facilities. The women’s locker room was not much better; it only had one shower/toilet/changing room
combination without a mirror. The locker area had mirrors and hair products. The facilities were very clean.

I guess next time even if the spa is famous when booking I have to ask about the facilities and amenities.


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