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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zero calories, but they make you fat

There are a few things that do not have calories, but according to studies they do contribute to making us fat. Among them:

Watching television.
Perhaps due to the inactivity, according to studies, the people who watch more television are heavier than people who watch less. Ah.. that Gossip Girl.

If your friends are into eating a lot, most likely it will affect your behavior and you may gain weight. I think there is no need to look for skinny friends; we only have to be aware of this fact and watch our behavior. It is difficult, but it can be done.

Sugar substitutes.
They do not have calories or have very little, but they may contribute to making you hungry. Also some people save calories in the drink to consume them eating something else.

Going to the movies.
OK the movies do not make anybody fat, but the popcorn does. Just avoid it and have something healthier or just watch the movie.

Buying larger sizes.
This applies to larger portions of foods as well as larger clothing sizes. If your clothes are tight, it means you are gaining weight, try to eat less for a few days and they will fit well again. If you just let the weight accumulate you will gain more weight than you think and it will be more difficult to get fit.

Living in the suburbs
In most large cities people have to walk a lot. In the suburbs we can take our cars and park very close to everything. Living closer to nature does not mean living a healthier life, we have to make an effort to walk more and be more active.


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