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Friday, October 17, 2008

Does morning banana diet work?

Photo of Japanese asa banana dietoIt started in the social networks of Japan early on this year. Someone who was having problems losing weight "sort of" invented it. Since it was created in such an informal way there are many version of it. The Asa banana diet (asa means morning in Japanese).

So far it is the new fad diet of Japan and it may be crossing the ocean soon. The interesting part of this diet is that in Japan it is almost a group diet. Since it started in a social network (similar to Facebook), and it requires the follower to write down everything that is consumed every day, so that other followers see it online in the their network pages and they then share tips and ideas with each other.

The diet could not the simpler:
  1. Eat one or more bananas in the morning instead of breakfast; nothing else.
  2. If about 20 minutes later you feel hungry, you eat something else.
  3. Try not to drink too much water during the day.
  4. Eat lunch and dinner as usual (you can eat anything you want).
  5. You can only drink a little bit of room temperature water with your meals.
  6. At 3:00 PM you can have a sweet snack or some other snack.
  7. During the day you can have soda or coffee without sugar.
  8. Eat dinner preferably at 6:00 PM.
  9. Do not eat after 8:00 PM.
  10. You can have a snack after dinner.
  11. Try to go to sleep not later than 12:00; the earlier the better.
  12. Enjoy each bite, eat slowly and mindfully.
  13. Write everything you eat in a diary every day.
There you have it. The morning banana diet has some good things such as to get enough sleep, do not drink sodas during lunch and have healthy, solid breakfast. On the other hand to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume and with this diet some people may not do that. If you decide to try it tell me your experience.



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