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Friday, September 19, 2008

Tokyo girls Collection fall winter 2008

The Tokyo Girls Collection is a very unique fashion even in Tokyo. It includes fashion shows, retail, music and fun. This fashion show does not required special invitation, only to buy a ticket. This year the show attracted about 22,700 fashionistas.

The attendees can buy the whole outfit as the one presented in the runway. The magazines put together some outfits and model them during the show. The clothes come from stores or manufactures that take part in the show. The attendees can buy the clothes in show’s retail pavilion, online or in the participating shops.

The show is organized by Girls Walker and most magazines participate. The models of the magazines (magazines in Japan always use the same models) are the runway models.
It is great for the attendees to see in person the same models they see month after month in their favorite magazines.

The theme this year was eco living and the organizers promoted the use of reusable bags over plastic bags. Many of the models discussed what are they doing to save the planet. We hope this has an impact in the young Japanese girls that attended the even.



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