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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Make up from Sweden: The Make Up Store

Ladies, I wanted to share with you news about a product line that I have recently come across. It is called The Makeup Store and it comes from Sweden. It is a trendy, modern, and chic makeup line. They have stores all over the world, and in the United States, they have stores in Miami and Denver.

It is similar to Mac Cosmetics but a bit trendier and edgier.

They have an extensive collection of products. I particularly love their eyelashes; they have many styles including some with feathers.

I also like their eye shadows, especially the loose eye shadows. They have some fab Swarovski crystals that can be used to adorn any part of the body.

I also like the fact that their lipsticks have many beneficial ingredients such as avocado oil,
beeswax, jojoba and Shea butter.

If you come across a Makeup Store, it is worth visiting.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, this makeup is FABULOUS!!!!!!! The colors and quality are amazing. I wish they had more stores in the states! I visited the Colorado store from Arizona and Muchion did my makeup! She is the best artist I have ever had. It is sooo worth checking out. Denver store will mail to you too!

December 19, 2008 6:16 PM  

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