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TCA peels (Medium intensity chemical peels)-

The TCA peels are also very common and give good results. These peels are usually offered at doctors’ offices or medical spas (medi-spas).  


There are home-use kits sellers on the Internet, but how good these are – we are not sure.

The TCA peels work better for skin rejuvenation, discoloration, improving skin tone and for fine lines. Their effect on acne, scarring, and dynamic wrinkles (the wrinkles that form because of movement) is minimal.  

The TCA peel procedure is fairly straightforward. The doctor cleans the skin, puts the acid and leaves it on for a few minutes. During this time, there can be a burning sensation. (article continues below)        

That is why some doctors or nurses will put a mask or a fan to make it feel better, but the feeling lasts only a few minutes. In some cases, a pill or sedative is used. After the doctor takes away the residues, the skin can be quite red and irritated. 

The outer skin will become very irritated and it can look as if the skin suffered burns, it will develop a scab (hard, dead skin also called as crust), but eventually it will peel off and reveal a more beautiful skin.

TCA treatment can be repeated to prolong or improve the results. The average cost varies from $400 in a spa for a lighter version to $ 2,000 in a doctor’s office. 

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