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Self Tanners: how to apply them? do they work? 

The sun is not our skin's best friend, but the tan it gives us make us look healthier, more toned, and it camouflages cellulite.   



Plus, right now the tanned look is in. So if the sun is bad but looking tanned is good, what do we do? We can use self-tanners. 

We have come a long way in the world of self tanners, from creams to sprays and more precise applicators that virtually make the process dummy proof. This is a general guide on how to use self-tanners, but each product comes with clear directions. 

Selecting the right self tanner product for you
At this time we have many choices in self tanners: different colors, techniques (sprays, creams, lotions, etc.), and of course, many brands.

The two more important considerations are the color and the ease of application.  

Concerning color, you have to be your own judge and select a color you think is what you will like. This is a trial and error process, but do not worry if you select the wrong color. It washes away in a couple of days and you can always try it only in small area in a place where other people can not see it.

Technique and applicators: You have a wide choice and many of them are designed so that you can see where the product is applied. This way you will be able to apply a uniform layer. Spray versus cream applicators? It is your choice - both are great.

How to apply them?
Each product has instructions and we recommend you follow them. The usual steps are:

Exfoliate the areas you want to tan. This is very important because you want the skin to be as smooth and uniform as possible. You can use any exfoliant you want. Dry your skin well. Do not apply self tanner on wet skin.

Apply body lotion on you knees, elbows and heels. These areas tend to absorb more self tanner and look darker. The lotion prevents this from happening.

Apply the self tanner starting with your legs with upward motion, long strokes. Most modern self tanners will let you see how thick and uniform is your application. Try to get a uniform layer. Once you finish your legs, repeat the same with other parts of your body, and do the arms and the face at the end. Wash your hands immediately after applying the product.

Most products will indicate how long you should wait before getting dressed.

If you do not like the application, you can shower right away. The products take a few hours to absorb completely. If after a few hours you do not like the effect, try to exfoliate your skin manually (with a loofah) or with a exfoliating product. Your tan will disappear in a couple of days and it will star fainting right away.
To preserve your tan, you will need to reapply the product every few days. 

Which brand should you buy?
There are many brands in all price ranges. Some of our favorites:

Neutrogena (if you go to their website they have a short video on how to apply the product). L'Oreal and Lancome also have great products. Another brand with a good product is Clarins. 

Personal bad experience.
Recently (in April 2005) I had someone spray a professional tan sprayer on my face at a booth in a trade show. My husband said that I looked older and orangish. It was supposed to last a week, but perhaps because I was wearing makeup, as soon as I washed my face, it when away. What a relief! The lesson here is that you should not apply a new product on your face. It is best to test it first in a private area so that if you do not like it, you need not use it.

It is better to start with a little at the time. I had never had problems with tanning on the legs - they look good with inexpensive products.  

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