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Needling or Needle abrasion or Intradermabrasion

A new treatment is emerging in the ever-changing beauty industry: needling or derma needle. It promises to be as effective as some laser treatments without causing almost any side effects.  



What is needling?
It uses the same machine that is used to make tattoos or permanent makeup without any ink. The makeup artist or tattoo expert uses the machine on the target areas as if he or she would be doing a tattoo.

What does needling do?
All the information at this time is anecdotal and we could not find any scientific studies at this time, but there are plastic surgeons outside the United States already using the technique. Needling, as previously said, has some of the same benefits as laser treatments and some dermabrasion treatments. Needling can improve the following: 

Smoothen wrinkles and expression lines
Improve skin texture 
Reduce scars 
Treat acne scarring 
Improve stretch marks 

What are the advantages of needling as compared to lasers or dermabrasion treatments?
There is almost no down time, no need for anesthesia, and low risk of infection. And last but not the least, at this time, it is much cheaper. However, it is too soon to tell the long-term effects and effectiveness of this treatment since no scientific studies have been done. 

How does needling work?
Needling is done with the use of a commercial tattoo machine. The machine punctures the skin creating perforations. This stimulates production of collagen and skin renewal. When the new skin is visible, and this may take a few weeks and even months, the new skin is smoother. Collagen is the substance that gives skin its vitality, healthy glow and helps its continuing renewal process. The result is smoother, firmer, younger looking skin.

Because it does not burn the skin as lasers and dermabrasion do, the risk of scarring or hyperpigmentation is lower. It is also not as invasive, so the skin needs less time to recover. 

There are no detailed statistics, but some permanent makeup artists who have been doing this procedure have seen that the skin can improve 40% to 60% in just one treatment. The procedure can be repeated after six months. Just as laser treatments for skin, the skin continues to improve for up to a year after the treatment. 

Recovery time for needling
Right after the treatment the skin will be red, swollen, and very irritated. After a couple of days the symptoms will subside and makeup can cover the remaining irritation. The irritation and swelling will go away in a week or two. 

Who cannot have needling?
Some people with dark skin may not be good candidates for needling because of the risk of hyper-pigmentation. People with diabetes and other conditions need to consult with their doctors. 

There is a risk of infection, but it can be greatly reduced by the practitioner using the mandatory hygiene recommendations for tattoo parlors. 

Hyper pigmentation is always a risk in this type of treatments. 

Because it is not a standard procedure yet, it may be difficult to find a qualified practitioner. In theory, anybody with experience in tattooing or permanent makeup can do it, but most of them have never heard of needling yet. 


Right now its cost is similar to tattooing or permanent makeup. It can vary by area, but a salon in Virginia is advertising from $100 to $150 per hour. This is of course much lower than laser resurfing treatments or peels. 

It sounds like a great treatment, it is affordable, safe and non-invasive, but is still a new treatment without firm evidence of its safety and effectiveness. 

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