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How to do a mini facial at home

If you do not have time to go to the spa or to do your at home facial, try this mini version of the original. You only need a few minutes and few products to revamp your skin and give it some TLC. Continues below...    



You will need:
A small towel
Warm water
Facial mask. You can use what you have or make a natural mask such as yogurt mask (oat meal flakes, a little honey and yogurt)
Moisturizer and eye cream
Optional: 3 drops of lavender or rose essential oil
Optional: rose water as toner

1- Clean your skin as usual.

2- Wet the towel in warm water. If you are using the essential oil, put warm water in a pot and add the oil, disperse it, and wet the towel. Eliminate the excess water. The towel should be warm, not hot; if it is too hot, then wait until the temperature lowers.

3- Lie down and put the towel on your face. Relax and leave it until it becomes almost cold.

4- Put the towel again in warm water.

5- Now apply the mask and lie down again. Leave the mask on, as indicated on the package or about 10 to 15 minutes.

6- Take off the mask with warm water and then use the towel to clean the skin.

7- If you are using toner or rose water, apply on the skin with a cotton ball.

8- Apply your moisturizer and eye cream, if you use them.


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