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Oh Papacito! Get your guy looking better-

Some ideas to make your guy even more handsome

1- Give him a gift certificate for a facial. Blackheads do not look good. The esthetician will recommend products and advise him to get at least the moisturizer and the exfoliant. 


2- Tell him to exfoliate at least once a week. And if he is reluctant or lazy, make sure that you prepare everything for him and then help him do it. Hopefully, once he sees the difference, he will appreciate the importance and acquire the habit.

3- If he works under the sun or he has a long drive, advise him to use sunblock to protect his skin. This will make him look younger for longer. Neutrogena Sheer Dry Sun Block 30 or 45 SPF is one of our favorites because it is very light. Alternatively, he can use a moisturizer with sun block. 

4- Give him a manicure yourself and this can be a great couple activity. If that does not work for you, just bring him with you to the salon. Most salons now have separate areas for men.

5- On a similar note, do the same with a pedicure.

6- If he is a fashionable guy, tell him to try highlights and a new haircut.

7- Eyebrow shaping is not only for women or metrosexuals any more. Men can also benefit from this simple beauty procedure. Have you not seen enough men with horrible eyebrows so bushy that you wonder why they do not do something about it? Well, Damone Roberts recommends that that they too trim their eyebrows. First, comb them with a small comb (like the ones used in mascara) and then simply trim the excess hair. Alternatively, they can ask their hairdresser to do it for them. 

8- These activities will not convert your guy into a metrosexual, but he will look and feel better and love you for you good advice.

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