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Beauty: Beauty Tips for Real Life Divas

How to make your lipstick last

If you apply lipstick the right way it will last a last longer than normal.  Learn some easy tips from professional make artists. 



You will need:

A soft brush or sponge to exfoliate the lips
Lip cream or other gentle moisturizer
Lip liner
Lip gloss (optional)
Tissue paper

Steps to apply foundation:

1- Start with exfoliating your lips. Be gentle. You can use a natural loofah, sea sponge or a light brush. This will eliminate all dead cells and the skin will look smoother. 

2- Brush your teeth. 

3- Apply a cream over the lips so they do not absorb the lipstick. Wait a few minutes.

4- Apply the lip liner. This has to be very similar to the lip color you are using or close to the color of your lips. Apply all over the lip. There should be only one continuous line all over your lips without any uncovered areas. 

5- Apply the lipstick any way you like with a brush or directly from the container.

6- Move your lips hugging each other to distribute the lipstick. 

7- Put the tissue between the lips and press your lip to eliminate excess.

8- Reapply the lipstick. 

9- Put a tissue paper over your lips (closed mouth) and with your finger press it on the lips. This will set the lipstick and make it last longer.

10 Apply lip-gloss, if you like, on the center of your lips.  

Diva attitude: Smile and show your diva attitude..


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