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Light peels: alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHA and BHA)-

These are the most common peelings and these are the chemicals used in home peeling kits as well. The most common AHA peeling ingredient is glycolic acid and BHA peeling ingredient is salicylic acid.  


In spas, you can expect mostly a 30% concentration and the treatment will require at least 3 sessions for optimum results. 

In doctors’ offices, the concentration used in the chemical peels can be a lot higher and it will require fewer treatments, but generally more than one.         

These peels have almost no downtime. In some people, redness may persist for a few days, when a high acid concentration is used. A 30% concentration will leave the skin irritated and red only for a few minutes or hours.

They can cost from $30 in a small spa to hundreds of dollars in more sophisticated spas or in doctors’ offices. 

Continues Medium intensity chemical peels: TCA peels 
Deep chemical peels
Introduction: Peels 

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