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Healthy feet

Your feet are very important, they keep you standing up, they support all your weight, they work very hard. With simple care you can keep them healthy and ready for the Jimmy Choo or Manolo’s.  Continues below...    



The feet can suffer many conditions due to inherited genes, using the wrong shoes or simply because we do not pay attention to them. Some common problems can be prevented:

They usually appear next to the big toe. They can be painful and unsightly. There is some indication that they can be genetic or at least some people have predisposition to develop them. They also can be related to arthritis. In most cases they are the result of tight shoes.

It is important to use shoes that leave space for your toes to be comfortable. The pointed shoes are the worst offender.

The solutions for bunions go from simply changing to more comfortable shoes to using gel filled pads to surgery.

If the bunions are not treated and the person continues to use tight shoes in the toes area the problem grows and does not go away.

Corns and calluses
Most people have had or will have corns and/or calluses. They form from frequent pressure on the skin of the foot or when the bone of the foot presses against the shoe. Using the right shoes prevents and could end the problem forever.

Sometimes the use of pads helps to make the shoes more comfortable. They can be eliminated with special products, filing the feet with foot files or stones or using exfoliants. Just in severe cases, when there is pain, they are removed by a podiatrist.

Morton’s Neuroma
Tight shoes are usually the cause of this condition. It is caused by putting pressure on some foot nerves. This causes pain that can extend to the ankle.

The solution can be as easy as changing shoes for a wider style to the use of medications, and in some cases, surgery.

These are the most common problems with the feet. It is easy to get fungus, especially if the person walks without shoes in public places such as bathrooms in hotels, swimming pools, etc. Less common is while trying shoes in a shop or sharing shoes with someone who has it. Another common cause is lack of hygiene.

The foot fungus can often be treated with topical over-the-counter medicines. If the fungus is on the nails, that requires medical treatment.

Plantar warms
They are like calluses on the sole of the foot. They are caused by a virus. They can be very painful. The treatment, although easy to apply, is not always effective. There are over the counter medications to treat them.

Ingrown toenails
The nail grows inside the skin and this can be painful. There are many causes among them: tendency due to genetics, trauma such as to hit the foot with an object, practicing some activities where hitting with the feet is required and improper nail trimming.

If the person develops an infection, medical treatment is required. Otherwise you can trim the nail and hopefully it will grow normally next time.

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