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Hair color: some thing to think about




Hair color has been a great invention. It was probably invented to cover gray hair and soon used to transform a woman’s hair from any color to another one (probably brunette to blond). Continues below...


Even in our time the greatest anti-aging product is hair color. Few things age more than the hair. However, hair color has some drawbacks, and the following list has some points you may want to consider if you have the option to color your hair:

1- Virgin hair. This is your hair before undergoing any chemical treatment (color, perming, etc). After the treatment, the hair loses the virginity. In many cases, the hair texture changes after these treatments. In some cases if the treatment is done many times, the changes can be permanent. 

The hair can develop more frizz and less shine, among others. 

2- Constant care. All chemical treatment for hair causes some damage. Do not believe those TV ads that say that the hair is healthier after coloring it. Because of the dryness and loss of moisture, the hair needs more care. You may need to use a conditioning treatment once or more times a week. The ends tend to become drier so you may need more frequent haircuts. This adds time and money; so make sure you budget for that. 

3- Aging hair. Hair, just as the skin, ages. According to some experts, hair ages faster if it has been constantly colored (or has had other chemical treatments). Hair does not develop wrinkles but it becomes more fragile and thinner. 

4- Highlights. Highlights and double process hair coloring treatments, such as changing from brunette to blond, require use of bleaching products on the hair. These bleachers damage the hair the most. 

5- Caring. With care and good products, some of them natural, you can undo some of the damage caused by the treatments, though not all. If you have gray hair, coloring can make your hair and yourself look younger. If you have fine hair, the pigments will help to add body to the hair. 


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