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Hairbrushes for your hair type

There are many styles of hairbrushes. They have different functions and with simple advice below, you can select the best for your hair.  Continues below...    


Hair length
In general, the longer and thicker the hair, the bigger the brush. Small brushes, however, can be used on long hair to create special effects, such as tight curls or bending the ends.

There are three types: plastic, metallic and natural. The natural hair bristles are mainly from boar and it is preferred, because it adds shine to the hair, it distributes the hair’s natural oils and it is gentle. However, plastic bristles are fine, especially if they do not scratch the scalp. There are also hairbrushes with mix bristles (plastic and natural), they are also more economic than natural brushes. Metallic brushes can be harsh on the scalp sometimes.

If you feel that your brush scratches your scalp, you may want to change it. The brush should have a good hold of your hair, but it should not get stuck.

Shapes on hairbrushes
Round hairbrushes
These brushes, when used to blow dry the hair, help to add shine, smooth and glossy finish to the hair. They can be used to straighten it or to add curls/waves, bend the ends, and add volume to the hair.

Round hairbrushes with dense bristles. The more abundant the hair the less dense the bristles. The smaller the round brushes the tighter the curl will be.

Flat paddle brush
It is used to crate texture on the hair. It is mostly used on long straight hair without layers.

Vented brushes
These brushes are used to blow dry the hair. The vents allow air from the dryer directly on the hair, therefore, speeding up the drying time. Shine and texture do not result when using these brushes.

Metal brushes
These brushes have a metal center or core. The metal heats up fast and retains heat creating a type of a roller; they help to create easy curls. They speed up drying time, but they can be damaging to hair.

Cushion brush
These are some of the most commonly used brushes. The bristles are inserted on a cushioned surface. They are gentle to the hair and can be used on all hair types, but especially on medium length straight hair.


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