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Beauty: Beauty Tips for Real Life Divas

How to apply foundation so that it lasts longer

If you apply the foundation the right way it will last longer and it will look better and more natural. If you have limited time to apply your make up do not worry it is fast and easy and you will look gorgeous. Here are some tips for easy make up application that will last for long time.  



There are many types of foundations. The more fluid the foundation is, the shorter it will last if you do not apply it the right way.

You will need:

Makeup sponge
Optional: powder compact or loose

Steps to apply foundation:

1- Always apply makeup over a clean face. 

2- Moisturize after cleansing.

3- The color of your foundation should match your skin color. If you do not do this, it will look as if you are wearing a mask. Some women of color use lighter colors than their skin color and they look ashy and tired, besides artificial. The best thing is to match to your skin color. 

4- Apply concealer if you need to around the eyes and in other areas to cover flaws. 

5- Start applying the foundation preferably using a makeup sponge. Make sure you apply a uniform coat. If you need to, you may apply one more coat of concealer on the eyes' area. 

6- Diffuse well the foundation on the jaw line so that it does not look so obvious that you are wearing a foundation

7- Once you finish, try to gently press the sponge over the face to set the foundation on the skin. You may also do this with a tissue paper. 

8- Optional: Apply over the foundation powder, loose or compact. This will set it and the makeup will last. If you are concerned about the powder highlighting expression lines and wrinkles, you may skip this step or try a mineral powder.

Diva attitude: Always smile and flirt with your eyes and unleash your inner diva.


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