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How to prevent wrinkles on the forehead?




Wrinkles and expression lines on the forehead are very common and even young people can have them, but this can be prevented and delayed.  Continues below...


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What causes wrinkles on the forehead?

The forehead wrinkles are caused by repetitive motion such as frowning. We start to do these movements since childhood, gradually these movements cause skin damage. This is first visible in the form of expression lines that after some time become wrinkles.

The normal causes of wrinkles such as sun exposure and lack of skin care also contribute to the problem.

What to do about wrinkles on the forehead?

1- The most important step is to avoid excessive movements. This may sound difficult and unnatural, but it is not. We can re-learn how to avoid frowning. The earlier you start this the better the results.

Observe yourself and notice when you wrinkle the forehead. Try to correct these habits. At first it is difficult but gradually it will become natural. At home you can use frownies; this product may look funny, but it helps.

2- Use sunscreen.

3- Follow a normal beauty routine.

4- Vision correction
This is very important. Many times we frown, because it is difficult to focus our eyes. If you need eyeglasses or contact lenses, try to have the right prescription and always use them. Try to use the right lighting when reading or watching TV.

Botox or not?
Botox and similar drugs can paralyze the muscles in the forehead very effectively. Some young people use it to prevent the wrinkles from developing in the first place, but there is no clear evidence that it helps and that it is a healthy option.

Using masks and scrubs
If you notice fine lines, peels and exfoliants can help you.
Use moisturizers with special ingredients such as retinol, glycolic acid, peptides and others. These ingredients make the skin create more collagen and elastin that keep it strong.

Avoid stress

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