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Tips from Hollywood experts for great eyebrows-

A good eyebrow shape can do wonders for your beauty. So get it done professionally at least a few times a year. That way you can make sure you are not over-plucking or leaving it too thick.  


Some Sephora stores now offer the Anastasia Brow Studio where eyebrow experts can shape yours. These Sephora experts were trained using the method of Anastasia. Anastasia is the person who shapes some of the most famous eyebrows in the world, such as those of Jennifer Lopez and Oprah Winfrey.

A well-done eyebrow shape can even give a non-surgical eyebrow lift appearance, according to Damone Roberts, a Hollywood eyebrow expert and now a TV star. Roberts has said that he likes to think of a face like a picture and the eyebrows as the frame. 

The frame, as you know, changes the perception of the picture and it can enhance it or take away from its beauty. According to Roberts, when a woman gets older she should leave the eyebrows thicker as this will give her a younger appearance. Roberts' clients include some powerful Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna, Vivica Fox, Tara Reid, and Paula Abdul. 

If you only can do a few things for your beauty, get a great eyebrow shaping and use sun block.

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