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Beauty: Beauty Tips for Real Life Divas

How to create the illusion of bigger and 
more expressive eyes with makeup

The eyes are the windows to the soul. The other thing to remember is that everybody has beautiful eyes in a unique way; so show them. 



The right makeup can help you appear them look bigger and more expressive. 

These are the basic steps for an easy version of the smoky eye look.  It is easy and fast.

Start with a clean canvas. Clean your face and eyes and apply moisturizer and eye cream or eye gel. Wait a few minutes to apply the makeup.

You will need:

Eye concealer
Eye shadows: At least two shades: one brown and one light color shadow, a very light pink or translucent white and everything in between. If you buy a duo package you will get both tones. You may use more than two tones if you wish. 
Eye curler
Eye mascara
Eye pencil 
Makeup sponge
Eye shadow brush 

Steps to apply foundation:

1- Get you eyebrows fixed. You can use either waxing, tweezers or threading. Your eyebrows have to look perfect. The shape of your brows will open your eyes and give an instant eyelift. Be careful not to overdo it, especially if you are over 30. Brush you eyebrows following the direction of hair growth (up and outside). 

2- Apply concealer. There are many ideas with respect to what is the perfect shade of concealer. Many makeup artists recommend using two shades lighter than your foundation. This can be tricky especially on women with olive complexions and darker skin tones. My recommendation is to get it first from a department store or a makeup store such as Mac or Sephora.

In these shops, trained technicians can help you select the right shade. Mac, Stilla and Sephora are top of the list. You can also ask them to show you how to apply it and if you call ahead they can do a makeover for you and show you the best colors for you. You do not have to buy anything, but stores expect that you will buy something and that is why we suggest that you buy at least the foundation and eye concealer. If not, you must tip your makeup artist.

3- After you get the right shade, you may purchase a similar shade from a discount store if you prefer, and if you do not find the perfect shade, you can mix two or more shades, just like the artists do.

4- Apply the concealer with a sponge or brush in the darker areas of the eye. Diffuse well. If you use foundation, you may apply on top of the concealer.

5- Apply the lighter shadow over the entire eyeball and the area between the eye and eyebrow.

6- Curve your lashes. Be careful not to pull the skin, but keep the curler pressed for an instant and repeat three times in each eye.

7- Apply the darker shadow on the eyelid (just to cover the eye ball). If using three colors, apply the darker shade on the outer half of the eyelid and the eye crease. 

8- Apply the eyeliner on about 3/4 or 1/2 of the lower eyelid. If you apply it on the whole eye, your eyes may look smaller. With a brush or a sponge, you can lightly diffuse the eyeliner to create a more natural effect.

9- Apply the eyeliner (eye pencil) on most of the upper eyelid. If your eyes are small, avoid applying very close to the inner end next to the nose. 

10- Make sure there are no hard lines between the shadows. If so, smooth out with the brushes. 

Diva attitude: Flirt using your eyes.


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