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Eva Longoria: her beauty and workout routine




It has been a long journey for Eva Longoria from a ranch in Corpus Christy, Texas to the pinnacle of fame in Hollywood. Certainly, something Eva is not, is desperate. It seems everything in her life is going great. 


Eva is admired for her beauty, grace and happy personality besides her marvelous fashion sense on the red carpet. 

Eva was born on March 15, 1975 to a Mexican-American family. She attended Texas A & M University at Kingsville and graduated from kinesiology. Therefore, she is very knowledgeable on topics like exercise and diet. She is naturally petite, not only in height, but her bones are fine and she is naturally very skinny.

Eva has said on many occasions that her height is 5’2; in person she looks much smaller perhaps because of her weight. But she always looks good even without makeup and in non-retouched pictures.

Eva Longoria: fitness routine and diet

Eva eats a lot of vegetables and fruits. She has said that she loves vegetables, egg whites, lean proteins, and healthy snacks. But her favorite sinful snacks are Ahoy chocolate chip cookies; she ate them when she was a child and still does. She also likes to eat pizza twice a week. This shows that no foods are totally out in a healthy diet if there is moderation and balance.

Eva likes to workout, but she works very hard and travels very frequently to San Antonio to see Tony Parker; so to workout is not easy for her. She works out with a personal trainer, Patrick Murphy, for about an hour three times a week. This gives her discipline in her routine. 

Eva does a combination of routines because she gets bored very easily. Being so slim, her workouts are designed to build muscle and to keep her fit and firm, not to burn extra calories. She does lunges, leg press, and squats to keep her butt in top shape. 

Free time and style
Eva loves to take vacations to exotic places and spend time with her family and loved ones. Eva flies often and this leaves her skin dehydrated so she has facials almost every week. 

When it comes to her style, she has a personal stylist, Robert Verdi, who used to have a TV program on TLC. Robert is definitely doing a good job - Eva looks beautiful on the red carpet. In her free time, Eva is a big fan of jeans. She has said that she owns many pairs. She also wears a lot of comfy pants and hoodies with sandals, but most of the time she wears high heels. 

Her hairdresser is Ken Paves (same as Jessica Simpson’s). Eva wears hair extensions on the red carpet sometimes. Her hair is often colored many shades lighter than her original color possibly with many tones of highlights to create depth. 

Eva’s makeup is classic with strong eyes and light lip color. She accentuates her style with a beautiful smile and perfect teeth. Her skin is close to perfect in part due to her genes and in part due to her skincare regimen, healthy lifestyle and positive outlook on life. 

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