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Beauty: makeup

Tricks to apply makeup: Colors for you

People who apply makeup professionally are called makeup artists. They deserve the title "artist," because they play with colors to enhance and highlight your natural beauty. The first important aspect in makeup is color. You have to know what colors are best on you. 



There are many theories on how to select your colors. During the 90s and the 80s, we were into seasons; now we have to tones: cool or warm depending on our complexions. 

We will explain more below, but if you have trouble find the best colors for you this is our secret: 
Pick a celebrity that looks similar to you in skin, eye and hair color. Then every time you see her in a magazine, pay attention to the color she is wearing. Most probably those colors are good for you. Pay attention if she is tanned or not; that will change the colors.  

One more word about color. The colors you like generally are good for your skin tone. Follow your instinct. Many cosmetic lines have great tips and pictures on their websites.  

Color theory

Once you identify if you are cool or warm, you can pick colors according to the codes of the cosmetic lines. They have tones for both cools and warms in almost all colors. If you follow this code, you are more likely to pick color that will make you look better. If you pick the wrong colors, they might make you look tired or not enhance your beauty. 

Cool colors
Skin tone: olive, rosy brown, fair medium rosy
Hair color: dark, black, blond, all brown tones with exception of golden brown
Eyes: blue, green and hazel

Warm colors
Skin tone: golden (in any color), medium fair 
Hair: golden brown, red, strawberry blond
Eyes: hazel, dark brown and medium brown

Most people have yellow undertones in the skin putting them in the cool category. Some people have a little bit of both (it is rare). In that case, for example, if your skin and eyes are cool and your eyes are warm, you will use a mix of colors: warm in the warm features and cool in the cool features, in this case, the eyes. 


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