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Beauty: Beauty

Glow, shimmer and shine. Makeup of Hollywood stars

Every star has a style that defines them. Usually they create an image just like a brand will, because untimely they are a brand. Let us take a look at some of the stars' styles:  



Jennifer Lopez. This Latinisima has such a unique, strong style, mixing street wear with the most sophisticated designers. You either love her or hate her but you will notice her. No wonder her clothing lines are selling so well. Jennifer Lopez, like most famous Hollywood beauties, has not achieved this alone. She has worked with some of the best stylists around.  

She is always sexy, but rarely trashy. Her makeup is subtle, her skin glows, and usually her eyes are not strong. Her lips and cheeks are almost nude. Jennifer's main feature is her glowy makeup achieved with a healthy, beautiful skin and a good makeup artist.   

Charlize Theron. The perfectly proportionate and delicate facial features of Charlize do not need a lot to look great. Charlize has a classic beauty and most of the time that is how she dresses and the type of makeup she uses. Her look is classical, sophisticated, timeless, but modern. Her makeup tends to be strong, and on some occasions, a bit too much for her face, though. She looks better in sheer makeup that only enhances her natural beauty. Charlize does not have a well-defined style, as does Jennifer Lopez.

Beyonce. She has one of the most beautiful skins in the world of famous people. Her caramel skin looks as perfect as skin can be. Even though she is a full figure woman and her face still has baby fat, she is the picture of health and grace. Her clothes are sexy, body hugging in many cases, and she embraces her ethnicity in a way that it works for her. Her makeup is similar to Jennifer Lopez - a lot of glow, but Beyonce uses more color. 

Beyonce is not afraid to show her curves either. In every dress she shows that curves are beautiful and sexy.

Salma Hayek. Once she said, "I am a short person, but I act tall." At an official height of 5'2", Salma knows how to capture attention and let her relatively short height not get in the way. Even when she uses jeans, Salma looks elegant. Her dresses are always sophisticated as she mixes edgy with traditional glamour. Her look changes, she does not have one type of makeup. On many occasions she surprises the photographers with very unexpected looks, but she almost always looks like a diva. She proves that height is not critical to be fashionable.

Salma also has curves and shows them with pride. Her skin is beautiful and so are her exotic features. Her hair is also very shiny and it looks strong. She has had it in many lengths but it seems that long hair looks better for her. 


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