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Beauty: Beauty

Beautiful breast: Taking care of your breast

A beautiful bust is in part a gift of nature but also in part the result of the care you take to protect it.  



Our breasts suffer from both environmental and internal conditions and, as times passes, the cumulative effect may result in flaccid and saggy breasts. There are things, however, that we can do to protect our breasts. 

The breast is primarily fat, breast tissue and the pectoral muscle, which gives it support. For these reasons, there are no exercises that can make your breasts grow larger or get firmer.

Because we accumulate fat in the breasts, it increases in size if we gain weight and it goes down in size if we lose weight. At this time creams and preparations cannot give the same results as breast augmentation surgery.      

The breast is obviously surrounded by skin. This skin is our natural bra. Maintaining elasticity and general health of this skin will make your breasts look better.  

Some advice to keep your breast perky and firm
Body size changes. In other words, weight fluctuations. These are the worst enemies of the breasts. The breast size changes during our life because of hormonal changes, pregnancy or breast-feeding and gaining and losing weight can play havoc on how women look. Although hormonal changes are almost impossible to avoid, the weight changes can be avoided or at least minimized.

It is believed that the following tips can help us to maintain the beauty and firmness of our breast:

Keep a stable weight. The breasts will always lose volume if you lose fat, but it will lose even more volume if you lose too fast. This is enough reason to avoid crash diets and keep our weight stable. 

Try to sleep on your back. This way you do not put too much weight on your breasts.

Bras an skin care for breast areaFinding the right bra

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