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How to apply blush?




Rosy, healthy cheeks are a symbol of youth and beauty; think of a baby’s cheeks. It is difficult to have the right rosy tone all the time and that is one of the reasons we use blush.  Continues below...


The function of blush is to add color and help to define the bone structure. To apply blush is easy and most women apply it right. These are some tips to have more spectacular results:

1- Blush comes in many forms: creams, liquids, gel, and of course, powder. The stains for the cheeks are either liquid or gel blush. 

2- Powder blush is the most commonly used and it is appropriate for almost everybody. 
Cream, gel and liquid brush require good skin.
Liquid blush (stain) is better for younger women with good skin. It adds glow to the face (Jennifer Lopez type). 

3- The worse mistakes that we can make when applying blush is to apply too much or too dark. In either case, it makes you look artificial, overdone or excessive.

4- Cindy Crawford has the following tip to select the right color of blush: pinch yourself on the cheek and the color that is left after the pinch should be similar to the color of your blush. The blush color has to be similar to the color that we get when we naturally blush.

5- Although it is possible to use different tones of blush to contour (sculpt) our face it is not recommended for general makeup, because it tends to look unnatural if is not done properly. Contouring is used to make some features more or less prominent, for example, making it look narrower or wider.  If you want to use more than one color of blush, avoid using dark tones. 

6- Use a professional makeup brush to apply blush. The brushes included in the blush packaging generally are too small. 

7- If your face is small, also avoid using one of those oversized blush brushes; simply use a normal blush brush. Sephora sells good quality brushes at reasonable prices (and they can teach you how to use it). Sonia Kashuk, sold in Target, also has good quality brushes. Brushes last for a long time, so buy good quality.

Applying blush
1- To apply blush, the easiest way is to smile and apply the blush with circular motion towards the ears in the most prominent area of the cheeks.

2- If you have a wider face, you can try to apply blush the same way as above, but draw imaginary lines from the eyes down and do not put blush beyond the outer line. This will avoid making your face look wider. 

3- On special occasions, you can use a deeper tone. Experiment with colors to discover which are better for you.

Diva attitude: Remember makeup is to have fun; try different tones and dare to experiment. A sincere smile is the best accessory. 


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