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Natural beauty tricks: skincare

Hyperpigmentation: These are darker spots on the skin (called melasma by doctors) and some times pregnancy marks. Severe cases of melasma may even require laser or dermabration treatments, but one natural and cheap ingredient that gives good results for many people is use of Aloe Vera.   



To get good results, apply Aloe Vera gel, preferably obtained directly from plant. Just open a leaf and get the gel out. Apply over clean skin and leave it on for about 20 minutes. For even better results, use sunscreen during the day.   

This does not work for everybody, but it is easy, inexpensive, and it gives good results to most people. Worth trying before going to the dermatologist. If in 2 to 3 months of application, you do not see results, you may want to visit a dermatologist or buy a bleaching cream.    

Fishy stuff. Fish oil has good fats that are not part of the normal American diet. For instance, omega 3s, vitamin D and other components benefit the skin and help the metabolism. This is the reason Dr. Perricone recommends eating salmon in his books. But if you do not want to eat fish, a fish oil supplement is also pretty good for your skin. 

Dry skin. If you have very dry skin around elbows, heals and cuticles, you can purchase a rich skin cream for this area that require extra protection. There are also oils that give fairly good results. One of the best is the primrose oil. Other good ingredient to look for is shea butter that is now found in such cosmetic lines as Dr. Haushka.

Hands out.  Keep your hands off your face. Or at least do not touch your face if your hands are not clean. We put a lot of bacteria on our face when we touch it with our dirty hands. Always wash your hands before touching your face and before applying your creams and cosmetics. 


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