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Beauty enemies

Some of our looks come from our genes, while others from the environment. The same is true in the way we age. The following list has some of the worst enemies of our looks:  Continues below    


1- Smoking
Primary or secondary smoke causes havoc to our skin and health. It is easy to identify a person who smokes just by looking at her or his face. For most people, smoking produces a dull complexion, and as time goes by, wrinkles around the mouth. Expression lines and wrinkles also appear at an earlier age and these people tend to age faster.

2- Sun worshipping
You knew this one very well. Dr. Brandt, the famous dermatologist, has a trick to show you how the sun damages your skin. Take a look at the skin on your face or hands and then try to take a look at your butt’s skin. The skin on the butt does not get much sun (for majority of people, unless you wear a thong on the beach) and it looks smoother and healthier than other areas constantly exposed to the sun.

3- Sugar
Yes, I like it too. Unfortunately, sugar produces micro-inflammation on all the tissues and it ages us quickly; besides it can cause skin problems. We have seen the changes in a person’s skin before and after they stop using sugar. Sugar includes foods that are processed as sugar in the body (for example, white flour).

4- Tanning booths
They use one of the sun rays, UVB rays. According to many studies, they cause as much damage as the sun.

5- Poor nutrition
We are not talking weight loss here. If someone does not take all the required nutrients, including enough good fats, it is reflected on the skin. The lack of vitamins and minerals should not be a problem in our country, but some women do not eat enough fat, other enough vegetables and some not enough protein.

6- Negative emotions
Worry, stress, anxiety, sadness and other similar negative emotions cause damage to our looks. They age us more that any other factor. Try to workout to control your stress level and just keep smiling. Life is not easy at times but it is easier to handle it with a smile.

8- Weight ups and downs
Constant dieting or rapid weigh loss have adverse effects on our skin. If the skin becomes flaccid, only cosmetic surgery is the way to correct it. Keep the weight stable; if you want to lose weight, lose it and stay there or find your happy healthy weight.

9- Negative attitude
Having a negative attitude produces negative emotions. It also produces some non-desired gestures that end up becoming expression lines and later on wrinkles. A positive attitude makes us happier, we take better care of ourselves and love our body. If you love your body and your looks, your self-confidence goes up and so does how other people perceive you.


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