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Beauty: Beauty Tips for Real Life Divas

Simple advice to avoid wrinkles

While it is impossible to avoid wrinkles altogether your whole life the natural way, it is possible to stay wrinkle-free for a longer time. These are some simple steps that will help you delay signs of aging:   



1- Eat healthy. Include all food groups and avoid added sugar and refined flour.

2- Eat fresh. Fresh foods have more nutrients and are more delicious.

3- Don't worry, be happy. Stress and unhappiness ages you.

4- Use sun block
. And avoid the sun at peak hours. Bright light of the sun can do enormous damage to the skin. But you do need a little bit of sun for your body to make its own Vitamin D. Therefore, take a light sunbath preferably in the morning, or whenever it is convenient to you. If you live in a sunny, warm area and have a long commute, polarize your windows to reduce sun exposure. Use sunglasses. This will protect your eyes and avoid wrinkles between them.    

5- No straws. Dr. Brandt (the creator of the famous cosmetics line) told Allure magazine that using straws for drinking might also cause wrinkles around the mouth. Therefore, sip directly from the bottle or a glass.

6- Sleep on your back. The pressure on your face during the night has a negative effect. Some models sleep with silk pillows to avoid harsher wrinkles (from cotton pillows) to touch their skin.

7- Keep your weight constant. Weight fluctuations of more than 15 pounds will cause your skin to lose its elasticity and will result in wrinkles.

Old advise. And as you might know, do not smoke, drink only in moderation, and sleep well. 



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