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Live a beautiful life is an online bilingual English / Spanish destination for women focused mainly in Beauty and wellness. has content and a community where our members share information and make friends.




-- was founded in 1999 by Editor and Founder Loren C
and we are based in Boston and New York City.  

Current traffic levels are about 1 million visitors a month with about 2 million page views. Our community has more than 5,500 members, about 20,000 subscribers to our email lists, Facebook about 20,000 likes (as of January 2014)

Areas is mainly about beauty, personal care and fitness, but it also covers other topics such as:
Hair care
Skin care
Spa treatment
Beauty products and treatments
Spa treatments
Nails care and nail design
Health and wellness
Personal development

Advertising in
At this time we only run Google Adwords.

We offer:
Sponsored posts
Copy editing
Manage, write and maintain websites and/or blogs for brands in both Spanish and English for the general population or Latinas

Media inquiries
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Product review
All our reviews are editorial. If you want your product to be reviewed, please email us to receive shipping instructions.

We welcome invitations to new products presentations and similar activities or events.

Read about our team  El punto de la belleza Integral.  Consejos de belleza, masajes, aromaterapia, yoga, dietas, meditación, maquillaje, Spa,
 recetas y faciales. Belleza integral y natural. 
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